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What to do with the loss of our cat and his lifeless body that's out on the street?

2010-02-05 05:33:00
My mom is !!HYSTERICALLY!! crying right now because as I was driving home from my night class, me and my mother found our dead cat bleeding out on the road! (best assumption is that he got hit by a car and he is still out there as we speak.) Now, I have to show up in class tomorrow because my political science class is depending on me to be there, but I'm just filled with sadness right now that I don't even know if I want to go to school tomorrow! I'm really shocked right now. A few hours ago, I was taking pictures of him cuddling with his sister and now HE'S GONE!!!!!! There's NO WAY IN FUCKING HELL THAT MY BABY JUST PASSED AWAY!! NO ******* WAY!! I want my lifeless baby back to life! Why did this happen to me!? RIP Goober (aka Arual) Jul. 8, 2005 - Feb. 4, 2010 He's the orange one. MKG. - He's been an indoor/outdoor cat and we haven't a problem with it. His sister is definitely going to stay indoors, no questions asked! Obviousman - He is in the picture and is not far from celebrating their 25 year anniversary. He just doesn't care whether the cat's alive or not (he hates cats.) He even had the nerve to tell us that it's just a living thing with fur that you pet and that we're blowing things out of proportion. I'm not the crying type (or so I thought from last night) so I won't have a problem holding it in. I'm at the school library right now holding it in. Café Mocha Valencia - I'm not trolling, I really did lose my cat. If you payed attention, I did ask questions. I asked how do I cope with the loss of my cat and what to do with his body. Yes, I kind of ranted, but I did ask a question. Also, check how old this post is. I already buried him. You need to learn to be more sensitive to your peers, you careless insensitive *****. Hope karma bites you in the ass!
Feb 05 2010 12:02:25
First of all, I'm sorry to hear about your loss. Losing a pet is devastating to those who love him. Speedy, I've never heard you talk about your dad, so I'm assuming he's out of the picture. So it's best if YOU pick up the cat (with gloves). You need to decide how you want him laid to rest. You can bury him in the yard, or have him cremated. But this is one area where I think you need to step up, suck it up for just a moment or two, and be the man for your mom. Cry in your room later if you want, but do this for her. As the man of the house, we men sometimes get to do the cr@ppy things nobody else will do: Fix the toilet that's plugged full of cr@p, pick up the pet messes outside, etc. BTW, this didn't just happen to you, but to your cat and everyone associated with him. We all have grief to deal with in life. We are always tested from time to time. But we keep on pressing forward. It's OK to grieve, but you need to keep on moving forward. Hang in there.

Accounting i need help!?

2011-04-05 21:52:24
1. The records at Smith and Jones Company show Job. No. 110 charged with $11,000 of direct materials and $12,500 of direct labor. Smith and Jones Company allocates manufacturing overhead at 85% of direct labor cost. What is the total cost of Job No. 110? A) $21,625 B) $20,625 C) $22,500 D) $34,125 2. Actual manufacturing overhead for 2009 amounts to $102,500, allocated manufacturing overhead for 2009 amounts to $98,700. By how much is manufacturing overhead over/underallocated? A) $1,900 overallocated B) $1,900 underallocated C) $3,800 overallocated D) $3,800 underallocated 3. Which of the following would be debited to record the requisition of direct materials? A) finished goods inventory B) work in process inventory C) cost of goods manufactured D) materials inventory 4. Davie Company uses estimated direct labor hours of 180,000 and estimated manufacturing overhead costs of $990,000 in establishing its 2009 predetermined manufacturing overhead rate. Actual results showed: Actual manufacturing overhead $950,000 Allocated manufacturing overhead 962,500 What were the number of direct labor hours worked during 2009? A) 192,000 B) 175,000 C) 180,000 D) 186,000 5. In job costing, direct materials used in production are debited to which of the following? A) work in process inventory B) finished goods inventory C) manufacturing overhead D) either manufacturing overhead or work in process inventory 6. The key to assigning indirect manufacturing costs to jobs is to identify a manufacturing overhead allocation base. A) True B) False 7. The entry to allocate manufacturing overhead costs to work in process requires a credit to work in process inventory. A) True B) False 8. A labor time record identifies the employee, the amount of time spent on a particular job, and the labor cost charged to the job. A) True B) False 9. Service firms-as well as manufacturing companies-trace direct labor to individual jobs. A) True B) False 10. At the end of the year, the balance in the manufacturing overhead account is closed out. A) True B) False
Apr 05 2011 18:17:11
1. D (12500+11000+(12500*85%)) 2. D actual is higher than applied, thus underapplied by 3800 3. B 4. B (990000/180000) = $5.50 then $962500/5.5 = 175000 5. A 6. A 7. B 8. A 9. A 10. A

Two Questions (Domain and range and a linear equation) Easy for people who know about this!!?

2008-10-09 00:10:37
Hello. I'm confused on these problems. I've been working on them for a while, and am still not sure... 1) This equation shows the final percentages earned by some of Mr. Emerson's class and how much he charged them for them to get an A. An A is 90% only. y= 1375000-12500x y=cost, x=percent the students have before changing to an A Question: What percent did a student have if they were charged $962,500 for an A? *Hint* I think that you are supposed to do something with the 90%, but I'm not sure. I know that the answer is 33%, but I don't know how to solve. 2) How do you find an equation that has a line that looks like ●_________o on a graph? If it helps, the points of the filled circle are (-2,3) and the open circle is (7,-3) Explanations would be nice. Thanks so much!
Oct 08 2008 17:27:28
Marcel G
1) What an odd question. if x = percent charged before changing, and y is the cost, you have y = 1375000 - 12500x ==> 962500 = 1375000 - 12500x Do lots of cancelling and solve for x, which is what you want to know. 2) First, find the slope of the line using m = (Y-y)/(X-x), where the points are (x, y) and (X, Y). Use that answer in the equation y = mx + b by choosing either point and substituing y and x; that will give you the b. Now you have the equation of the the line, BUT you have to qualify it: the domain runs from some number on the left (draw the graph if necessary) up to but NOT INCLUDING the value on the right, so your equation will look something like y = mx + b, this < x <= that

Physics> Velocity question?

2010-05-24 11:54:48
Rose ♥
Please help me with the question. A 4000kg mass travelling at an unknown velocity strikes a stationary 7000kg mass. The collision is inelastic and the final velocity is 10ms^-1. What was the initial velocity of the 4000kg mass? How much energy is "lost" during the collision?
May 24 2010 05:46:22
GIVEN: Ma = 4000 kg (Va)i = x (Va)f = 10 m / s Mb = 7000 kg (Vb)i = 0 (Vb)f = 10 m / s The collision is inelastic meaning there is no restitution. The objects stick together after collision. So, e = 0. It also explains why the final velocities of the moving and stationary masses are the same, (Va)f = (Vb)f. REQUIRED: (Va)i ΣU, Loss of energy SOLUTION: *Conservation of Momentum.* The impact is inelastic so the objects stick togehter and move with the same velocity. (Ma) (Va)i + (Mb) (Vb)i = (Ma) (Va)f + (Mb) (Vb)f (4000) (x) + (7000) (0) = (4000) (10) + (7000) (10) 4000x + 0 = 40000 + 70000 x = 27.5 m / s *Loss of Energy* Apply principles of work and energy to the objects before and after collision. ΣU = Tf - Ti ΣU = [ (0.5) (4000) (10^2) + (0.5) (7000) (10^2) ] - [ (0.5) (4000) (27.5^2) + (0.5) (7000) (0) ] = 550000 - 1512500 ΣU = -962500 J The negative sign indicates a loss of energy. ANSWERS: (Va)i = 27.5 m / s ΣU = -962500 J The 4000 kg mass is travelling with a velocity of 27.5 m / s. The energy lost after the collision is 962500 J.


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